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Warehouse Racking Inspection Training

A warehouse in full working order will have a number of facets that link and join together to ensure a productive environment. The movement of people and forklifts as well as the placing and shifting of products will be an integral part of any warehouse working to the best of its ability. At Rack Inspection Training we understand and work around the risks and threats that are present in every warehouse setting to help ensure that your premises are well prepared for them.

Our warehouse racking inspection training is the ideal way to make sure that your premises are protected against a number of inhibiting things. On top of the safety improvements you will notice after our training courses, you will also be sure of staying inside the regulations set by the PUWER and the Health & Safety At Work Act.

Why choose our warehouse racking inspection training?

To discover how you can get the best out of your staff, they will need to understand their role in the context of PUWER. Our team at Rack Inspection Training are on hand to provide professional training courses for the most experienced staff members through to apprentices. In each of our courses, your staff will learn how to expertly notice, report and note down damage as per SEMA guidelines.

This will not only give you warnings about your warehouse’s safety, but also ensure that your staff are competent at performing the required weekly inspections.

To find out more about our warehouse racking inspection training, get in contact with us today.


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