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How the Racking Inspection course works

Who should attend the course:

  • Warehouse managers

  • Warehouse supervisors

  • Fork truck drivers

  • Health and safety officers

  • Facilities managers

  • Maintenance staff​

Course format:

  • 1 day course

  • Classroom based culminating with at trial inspection in your warehouse

Training facilities:

  • Courses are run at your site. This minimises your costs and maximises the benefits.

  • Just provide a room with a screen and a flip chart & we'll provide the rest!

Course content:

  • Introduction to warehousing

  • Inspections - who, what, & why

  • General principles of warehousing & storage

  • How to inspect

  • Actions following an inspection

  • ​ Report preparation

  • Trial inspection in your warehouse

  • Sample documentation

Course benefits:

  • Statutory (PUWER) compliance

  • Staff development

  • Damage reduction

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Reduced down time

  • Reduced stock damage

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