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About Rack Inspection Training

Racking Inspection Services is a totally independent company.  We do no sell, install, or repair racking or storage equipment and have no financial interest in the nature or extend of any damage identified and our income is derived solely from Racking Inspections and Racking Inspection courses. This leaves us free to make recommendations or criticisms as appropriate and guarantees no conflict of interest.

We provide onsite rack inspection training courses enabling you to conduct a weekly warehouse safety inspection on your pallet racking as required by Health & Safety and PUWER regulations.

PUWER regulations require weekly inspections and our Rack Inspection course covers all the essential elements of conducting your weekly racking inspection.  In addition the course deals with the key elements of good warehousing practice enabling you to improve your operations and procedures and also to identify and eliminate the causes of rack damage.

We pride ourselves in providing a highly professional yet personal service to the warehousing and logistics sector.  Our client base ranges from small industrial units involving just a few bays of pallet racking to large multi site operations, NDC's, cash and carry chains, ambient,chill, and cold store operations.

About us


Keith D Goodfellow is the founder and principal of Racking Inspection Services.  Keith is a highly experienced Logistics professional who has enjoyed a lengthy and extensive career working in warehousing and distribution and is a fully qualified SEMA approved rack inspector (SARI).  He started his career in Logistics Consultancy in 1979 specialising in warehouse layout, design, and project management and moved progressively to towards warehousing and safety in 2000's.


Keith's background differs from many in this industry who have a purely manufacturing background, and with his lengthy wide ranging consultancy experience was determined to provide a more holistic approach to safety and inspections. 

Keith founded Racking Inspection Services in 2003 having identified the need for a totally independent and unbiased Racking Inspection service.  In response to repeated demands from clients the business then expanded to to provide Rack Awareness Training.

Keith D Goodfellow, founder & principal inspector at Racking Inspection Services.
Inspection of storage racks.
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