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Choose Our Warehouse Racking Inspection Training

As an employer you will place a lot of faith in your staff to perform their job safely and competently during the day. A number of things will change this and improve the way your team work, but there are some aspects that must stay consistent. Working around any type of pallet or warehouse racking can be dangerous when the wrong protocols are followed, but our team at Rack Inspection Training will help your premises stay on the right path.


We have been providing professional warehouse racking inspection training across the UK for a number of years to become a leading independent company in this field. Our job is to ensure that your staff have the capabilities and skills to inspect your racking weekly to follow the statutory guidelines set in front of you.

Why choose us for warehouse racking inspection training?


If you want to ensure that your staff can inspect your racking in a professional way each week, you will need to know they are following a set of designed rules. Our partnership with SEMA makes us an ideal candidate for your premises as your designated PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) will be able to record the results in a simple and easy to understand way. The use of SEMA’s traffic light system is certain to make sure that you have the best possible safety standards each week.  


To find out more about us and to book our team at Rack Inspection Training, speak with us today.


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