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Warehouse Racking Inspection Training

Any damage or modification on a section of pallet racking has the potential to do three things: cause your insurance to be invalidated, threaten the safety of your staff and damage the products that lie on them. To ensure your racking is consistently being checked, you need to appoint a Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS), and we can help that with our warehouse racking inspection training.

With Rack Inspection Training we can train up a selection of your staff to become PRRSs who will check and inspect your racking on a weekly basis. While you may know that an annual inspection is required on your pallet racking, some don’t realise that weekly inspections must also be carried out. Failure to do so will mean you’re failing to comply with HSG76, SEMA guidelines and statutory regulations.

Our team of experts at Rack Inspection Training will utilise our warehouse racking inspection training to help ensure you have a PRRS ready to inspect, report and make recommendations about your warehouse’s racking. As one of the most trusted teams in the UK, you can put your faith in Rack Inspection Training to help improve the safety of your warehouse each week.

We run our warehouse racking inspection training on your premises to ensure that your staff have the most appropriate training and gain the real-life experience of an inspection.

To discover more about our racking inspection training courses, get in contact with us today.

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