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SEMA Racking Inspection Course

If you’re working around any type of racking, or you’re in charge of employees that work with it, you have a duty of care for safety. Health and Safety is paramount to industries that use warehouses and pallet racking because of the dangers that can occur from them.

At Rack Inspection Training our SEMA racking inspection courses allow you and your staff to have the confidence and know-how to inspect and report damage to your pallet racking. By law, your premises will have to be inspected at least once each year to ensure you’re using racking that is safe and in a good condition.

There is also a requirement to check your pallet racking each week. In order to appoint a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) then you need to choose a team like ours at Rack Inspection Training to train your staff. Our SEMA racking inspection training course will detail how to properly inspect pallet racking, how to detect faults, what to do if faults exist and how to report them professionally.

By appointing a PRRS for your workplace, you will have consistently updated information on your racking and, using the SEMA guidelines, know when replacements and offloading is required.

To find out more about our SEMA racking inspection courses at Rack Inspection Training, speak to us today.

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