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Ensure You’re Performing Weekly Rack Inspections On Your Premises

Pallet racking can easily become dangerous if not checked and maintained to the highest safety standards. Therefore, it’s important that you have someone that can perform professional weekly rack inspections on your premises.

At Rack Inspection Training, our team of experts will teach your staff to look out for the dangers of poorly installed racking, damaged racking and racks that are bearing too much weight. As per HSG76 and SEMA guidelines, every workplace with pallet racking or any other type of racking must appoint a ‘competent person’ to perform a weekly inspection; this person will become your PRRS (Person Responsible for Rack Safety).

The importance of this weekly inspection is not only for the safety of your staff. Performing weekly inspections on your racking will validate your insurance and not lead to any unnecessary fines. We’re perfectly positioned to train your staff to the highest level to give them the confidence to spot misdemeanours in your racking setup.

Your designated PRRS will document the damage on your racking and ensure that you have an updated log of the condition of your racking week by week. To make sure your rack inspections are performed to the highest quality each week by one of your staff, choose our exceptional racking inspection training.

Speak to our team at Rack Inspection Training to find out more.

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