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Trusted Onsite Rack Inspection Training Courses

Every individual that works on your site will need to know how they impact the overall safety of the workplace. The pallet racking in your workplace must be checked and verified professionally at least once a year, but what is required to support it regularly?

At Rack Inspection Training we are able to offer onsite rack inspection training that brings your staff up to the desired level to perform weekly racking inspections.

From inspecting through to reporting, your staff members will learn the best way to notice damage, track changes and ensure the right action is taken instantly.

What difference does our onsite rack inspection training make?

As per statutory guidelines, you must assign a PRRS (person responsible for rack safety) who can perform weekly racking inspections. By choosing our onsite training courses, your key staff members will learn how to correctly inspect the racking on your site.

We have a team of SARI (SEMA approved racking inspectors) on hand to provide all the training that your staff need. Via SEMA’s traffic light damage guidelines and the expertise that they can offer, our team at Rack Inspection Training will give you the best chance of retaining a safe environment across your workplace.

To discover more about our onsite rack inspection training, book our team today.


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