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Racking Safety Inspection Training In The UK

The racking on your premises will play a big part in the overall safety of your workplace and staff. The forklift drivers, floor staff, managers and supervisors can become endangered if inspections are not carried out weekly.

Racking safety inspections are a vital part of any pallet racking or warehouse workplace and our team at Rack Inspection Training can help to raise the level of awareness in your team.

We provide exceptional racking safety inspection training in the UK that will teach your staff how to identify risks, understand the ramifications of these issues and know what to do in response to any danger.

What is involved in our racking safety inspection training in the UK?

Our job is to explain the role of your staff in assessing racking sections simply and easily. To do this, we will teach you team how to follow and utilise SEMA’s damage guidelines.

We have a team of SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs) who are able to guide your staff through the training course. From teaching your staff the laws and regulations surrounding weekly racking inspections performed in house through to reporting the damage each week accurately, we will cover everything.

If you would like to book our racking safety inspection training in the UK, get in contact with us today.


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