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Three Reasons To Trust Our Rack Awareness Training

Your staff should be able to understand when something is wrong. A damaged product, faulty machinery or unsafe surfaces, they will notice these things and action the right protocol naturally during the day.

However, when it comes to your racking the problems may not be completely visible to the untrained eye. That’s where our rack awareness training courses come in.

At Rack Inspection Training we are tasked with raising the standards of your whole workplace through our rack inspection training.

Equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully inspect, detect and record the damage of your pallet racking sections, you will notice a number of benefits.

Why should you secure our rack awareness training?

  • Adhere to H&S legislation: Once you have enrolled your staff to our rack awareness course and subsequently appointed a PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety), you will be complying with Health & Safety legislation.

  • Improve awareness: Your whole team can become more aware of their surroundings, the dangers of damaged racking and what to do if they spot something awry.

  • Retain a safe environment: Bringing together our rack awareness training and the understanding your team will gain, your whole workplace will become a safer environment. You will notice the difference that professional training will make to forklift drivers, middle managers, supervisors and everyone in between.


To discover more about how much our rack awareness training will cost your whole team, get in contact today.


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