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Storage Racking Inspection Performed By A SARI

Your storage facility will be used to the free-flowing movement of goods and the constant routine of people, forklifts, deliveries and more. To aid this and ensure it runs smoothly, our team at Racking Inspections are professionals in offering storage racking inspections which will provide you a range of benefits, both for the safe running of your premises and to ensure you retain your storage facility’s insurance. That is why it is a statutory requirement that you have a ‘technically competent person’ perform a storage racking inspection at least once a year.

We have been chosen for a number of years as a leading annual storage racking inspection team due to our experience in the sector and our detailed reports. By choosing Racking Inspections you will not only receive an independent inspection of your premises, but this will be guided by our team of SARIs (SEMA approved racking inspectors) - who have the expertise and experience to help improve the safety and keep your premises insured throughout the year.

What is involved in one of our storage racking inspections?

When you choose our professionals at Racking Inspections you will receive two detailed and thorough reports. These will highlight and explain the damage which has occurred to your storage racking and pallet racking sections using the SEMA damage guidelines. This will be combined with a general warehousing report that aims to identify risks that our professionals have witnessed and noted during the course of the inspection.

Discover more about our independent storage racking inspections by speaking with our professionals today.


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