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Rack Inspection Training Courses

Whether your current PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) has moved onto a different role or you have expanded your storage area, you will need to call upon a professional training system that can provide you with assurances, recommendations and, above all, a focus on safety each day and every week. At Rack Inspection Training we have been offering our expertise to companies large and small across the UK who need our courses to ensure they have a PRRS for weekly inspections.

Why are our rack inspection training courses needed?

There is both a statutory requirement to weekly rack inspections and a general safety reason behind securing our courses. It is required that you have a ‘competent person’ to inspect your pallet racking sections weekly who can note down the changes and the damage that has occurred as per SEMA’s guidelines.

On top of this, a weekly inspection helps to keep your premises safe. Leaving it to one annual inspection can mean result in your staff being subject to poor, damaged and unsafe racking for months.

Why choose Rack Inspection Training?

We are chosen as a professional team due to our trainers all being SARIs (SEMA approved racking inspectors), we perform our rack inspection training courses on your site. This will help to give your newly appointed PRRS get real experience in inspecting the specific pallet racking they will see each week.

To discover more about our rack inspection training courses, get in contact with us today


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