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SEMA Racking Inspection Course In The UK

If you have heard of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) in your role as a warehouse operator, manager or supervisor, you will know why they are trusted across the UK. The use of their simple traffic light system for checking fault racking has improved the way that many different companies adjust to the statutory regulations. At Rack Inspection Training it is our job to ensure that your staff understand how to perform the required weekly inspections of your racking.

A requirement in PUWER and the Health and Safety Act, inspecting and recording your racking is essential for the continuing safety of your premises as well as the validity of your insurance. To ensure you can perform and record these weekly inspections professionally, you will require a SEMA racking inspection course which we can provide at Rack Inspection Training.

Why choose our team to provide professional training?

Our SEMA racking inspection courses are suited to your specific applications. Whether you have a huge warehouse spanning several buildings or you have a small racking setup in a storage area, our team will provide the courses on your premises. This, and our standing as experienced SARIs (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors), will provide you with assurances you need to choose our services.

To discover more about our racking inspection courses approved by SEMA, speak with us today.


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