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Rack Inspection Training Courses

Your warehouse may be packed full of products that are ready to be shipped to their final destination, saved for another week or recently arrived at your premises, but it also means your pallet racking is packed full of dangers – both hidden and in plain sight.

At Rack Inspection Training we’re on hand to ensure your pallet and warehouse racking is constantly in the best shape it can be with our professional rack inspection training courses. These courses are designed to help your staff stay safe when working and keep your insurance validated.

If you didn’t already know it’s a statutory requirement that your racking is regularly inspected which includes weekly inspections by a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety). Whether you need to appoint a new PRRS or you want to add another one to your armoury, it’s imperative you choose our professional team at Rack Inspection Training.

We combine our years of experience coping with the most damaging and dangerous racking in the UK by providing helpful rack inspection training courses for companies. We will teach your staff how to spot damage & deficiencies in your racking and be able to confidently record them each week. These weekly inspections are vital to the safety of your workplace.

To find out more about our courses at Rack Inspection Training, get in contact with us today.

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