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Rack Inspection Courses In The UK

The professional installation of new racking in your warehouse or storage area will bring about the assurances that you have a racking installation to put your faith in each day. However, you must understand how much weight each section of racking can bear, when a part has broken and what to do when you notice something wrong.

To understand and to gain expertise in this area it is vitally important that you enrol your staff on rack inspection courses such as the ones we offer at Rack Inspection Training. We have become a leading provider of rack inspection courses across the UK that are performed on the premises of companies, warehouses and more.

Who benefits from our rack inspection courses?

Your organisation: You must have your racking inspected once a week by a PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) which you can appoint following a professional course such as ours.

Your staff: Safety stems from the quality control of your racking, the usage of your warehouse and the professional rack inspections that occur each week to ensure your staff can perform their job each day.

Your insurance: Failure to perform rack inspections and properly record the data can invalidate your insurance.

To discover more about our rack inspection courses and why they are important, get in contact with us today.


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