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Professional Racking Inspection Training

Seeking attentive, careful and safe staff to hire can be difficult. You won’t know whether they can understand the difference between poor and good practice, minor changes that they ignore or whether they will tell you if something seems odd. To bring your staff up to standard in your warehouse, or any premises with racking, it pays to enrol them on our professional courses.

We provide racking inspection training that will help to develop the skills of your staff, improve their attentiveness and create a safer environment for everyone that enters your workplace. At Rack Inspection Training we’re dedicated to providing our expertise through racking inspection training that will bring your premises up to standard.

These standards are required by law to keep your staff safe and your operations running smoothly. It’s outlined that you must appoint at PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) that will inspect your racking once a week. This inspection will be recorded using SEMA damage guidelines which help to categorise the damage that occurs to your pallet racking over time. By choosing Rack Inspection Training we’ll guide your staff through our on-site racking inspection training for the benefit of a safe working environment.

Book your team on one of our professional racking inspection training courses today.

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