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Choose Our Rack Inspection Training Courses

Health and safety is vitally important in every workplace. When your premises, however, uses forklifts and racking, it increases the risks. There are ways that you can help to keep your storage and warehouse facility in a good and safe condition, such as performing weekly inspections.  

At Rack Inspection Training we’re on hand to help you comply with statutory requirements that specify you have your racking inspected once a week by a ‘competent person’. To ensure that you have a team of staff that can perform these important inspections across your premises, we can provide you with rack inspection training courses.

Trusted across the UK for our professional training courses, our team at Rack Inspection Training can teach your staff to perform regular weekly inspections with the confidence and knowledge. We’ll teach them about the SEMA damage guidelines, how to record their findings for reference and what action needs to be taken when damage is noticed.

Our team at Rack Inspection Training will perform our training courses on your premises to ensure that your staff gain experience in inspecting your premises. This makes our bespoke rack inspection training courses ideal for your staff and your facility.

If you’d like to discover more about our rack inspection training courses and how to book one, speak to us today.

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