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Professional Rack Inspection Courses For Your Staff

Pallet racking, narrow aisle racking and drive-in racking all require the most watertight of safety protocols. Each piece of racking in the UK needs to be inspected annually by a professional team such as ours, but it also needs to be inspected weekly by a ‘competent’ person.

At Rack Inspection Training, our professional rack inspection courses will ensure that your staff have the ability to recognise damage in your racking via the SEMA damage guidelines. This will then give your staff the impetus to prioritise actions that need to be made to improve the safety of your workplace.

To make sure you have a team of staff that can safely and confidently recognise these problems and know how to deal with the results of their weekly inspections, it’s important they are trained by a team such as ours. Performing our rack inspection courses on your premises, we will teach your staff to understand the need for rack inspections, the dangers of overloading racking and what needs to be done to make an area completely safe.

The result of our SARIs (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) performing these rack inspection courses will be the assurance of having a safe working environment and the ability to keep your insurance validated.

To get a quote for your rack inspection course, fill out the simple contact form on our website.

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