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Find Professional Rack Inspection Courses In The UK

Whoever your staff are and no matter their experience in the warehousing sector, it’s important that they are constantly wary of the threats that the pallet racking they work around can create. Every piece of racking equipment is designed to withstand certain weights and must be assembled correctly with this in mind.

At Rack Inspection Training, our range of rack inspection courses are provided across the UK to ensure you have ‘competent’ staff that can diagnose the problems caused by your racking, and know how to action the required solutions. You may not know it, but pallet racking has to be inspected once a week with this process overseen by a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) in your workplace.

These inspections have to be thoroughly completed to ensure you maintain your commitment to Health and Safety legislation as outlined by the PUWER regulations. Our national rack inspection courses are chosen for their professionalism and our commitment to performing them in your workplace. This gives your staff the most appropriate application of what they learn during our courses.  

Using SEMA guidelines, your staff will competently check that racking is safe for use, isn’t damaged in any way, and know what to do in case something is awry.

To get a quote for your staff to become trained to complete your weekly inspections, speak to our team today.

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