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Our Trustworthy And Professional SEMA Racking Inspection Course

Uprights that are bent, unstable loads mounted on broken beams, racking that has been repaired and modified; we’ve seen it all at Rack Inspection Training. Luckily, our training courses seek to iron out any misdemeanours in your pallet racking with weekly inspections completed by your staff.

On our SEMA approved racking inspection course, we will professional teach your staff to understand and use SEMA damage guidelines to assess the level of damage to your pallet racking. Our training courses will train your staff to become a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) as defined by Health & Safety and SEMA guidelines; and each will be able to review and record via weekly inspections of your pallet racking.

Using the SEMA traffic light guidelines, you will have a clear and distinct record of your pallet racking and the need for replacements and actions. This is integral for any workplace with pallet racking as it will keep your staff safe, allow for a more proactive approach and ensure you stay within Health & Safety Guidelines.

Our SEMA racking inspection courses run throughout the UK and can be performed on your premises. We believe this provides us with the most effective methods of training for every member of staff.

To discover more about our SEMA racking inspection courses, get in contact with our team today.

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