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Find Out More About Our Rack Inspection Training Courses

Learning the ins and outs of racking safety and how to perform an inspection will help and support the safe running of your warehouse or storage facility. The internal racking inspections that you perform will help you stay within the guidelines outlined by Health & Safety legislation.

How long do rack inspection training courses take?

We perform our courses on your premises at Rack Inspection Training. They last for one day. The full day will be taken up by teaching your staff the legal background to their role and how they can perform a rack inspection.

During the one day, we will use our expertise to explain how to report and record changes happen on a weekly basis.

Who should attend our rack inspection training courses?

Our rack inspection training courses are perfectly suited to helping a wide range of employees support the whole operation. We recommend that forklift drivers take part in the course as they are the ones at risk if racking fails or things fall from above.

We also believe it is necessary that middle managers and HSE advisors join the course to ensure that correct practices are maintained over time.

The final attendee we recommend at Rack Inspection Training is for senior directors and managers. This is because they are implicated and liable for any accidents that occur on the premises.

Book our rack inspection training courses to support the safety of your workplace today. Get in contact to begin now.


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