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Why You Need Our Rack Inspection Training Courses

Did you know that you must inspect your racks on a weekly basis and you must ensure that your staff have the competence to conduct these inspections through suitable training?  You must also appoint a PRRS to oversee the inspection process.

How do I assign a PRRS for my premises?

It comes down to choosing a rack inspection training course which can teach your staff everything they need to know. At Rack Inspection Training we can provide your staff with all the information and skills they need to accurately inspect and report on your racking, its status and the next steps should something be awry.

Assigning a PRRS will happen following our rack inspection training courses. The course will highlight the key elements of their role as a PRRS and support how they spot and report these for the good of your premises. This includes:

  • Preventing reoccurring problems: Some pallet racking problems can stem from poor practice or a one-off moment. It’s important to get to grips with how common issues can be stopped in their tracks.

  • Spotting and understanding common issues: A lot of pallet racking sections get similar issues when it comes to damage. A main part of the course is to know what damage looks like per SEMA guidelines.

  • Understanding how to improve safety: Once you are equipped with these key skills, it’s important an assigned PRRS can put this into practice by improving the safety of your premises through safe warehouse practices.

To discover more about our rack inspection training courses, get in contact with us today.


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