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Find Experienced Racking Inspection Training Courses In The UK

Maintaining a safe environment is not just about having a team of staff who are competent and professionally trained. While they may understand their role and responsibilities, they will be focused on these, not aspects of any other nature. The main factor of a warehouse or pallet racking environment is the safety of your staff; from forklift drivers through to those on the floor.

Our racking inspection training is one way that you can make sure your staff are working in a warehouse and around pallet racking that has been regularly checked. By choosing Rack Inspection Training we will train your members of staff to understand, record, diagnose and analyse faults in your racking systems.

How do our racking inspection training courses help your overall safety?

While appointing a PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) to perform weekly inspections on your premises is required by legislation, it is also basic safety provision to regularly check your racking. Poor or under-performing racking can be catastrophic to your workplace causing injuries and extra expenditures on new racking systems.

By checking and recording the faults which have occurred to your racking weekly, you will be able to plan more effectively while always keeping an eye on the safety of your whole work environment.

To discover the contents of our racking inspection training in the UK and the benefits for your premises, get in contact with our team today.

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