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Three Reasons To Choose Our Racking Inspection Training Courses

Upgrading the quality and productivity of your whole workplace isn’t all about securing the best staff in every department. It is imperative that you get staff that understand the implications of their role and know how to identify discrepancies in the safety of their workplace. At Rack Inspection Training we have been providing a wide range of professional training courses to suit the specific needs of warehouses and pallet racking outlets.

At Rack Inspection Training we work to the highest standards to teach individuals to safely and proactivity detect problems and faults in your pallet racking. To help you understand how our racking inspection training works, here are three features to our service:

  • Training on your premises: Choosing our racking inspection training courses will identify and teach your staff to become PRRSs (Persons responsible for racking safety) on your property. Perfect for managers and supervisors, we will provide these courses on your premises, so everything is easy to understand.

  • Performed by professional SARIs: Our team of experienced SARIs (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) will teach you how to identify minor damages and explain the problems this can cause in the future.

  • Perfect for large and small racking areas: We have provided our racking inspection training in large warehouses through to small outlets across the UK.

To discuss how easy it can be to have our team provide you with racking inspection training, get in contact with us today.

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