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Book Our Rack Inspection Courses For Your UK Premises

As a supervisor, manager or warehouse professional there are certain elements that have to be regularly updated, checked and changed. Across the whole warehouse operation, pallet racking will be one of the most important elements and will be an area that is in use throughout every day. Forklift drivers, warehouse assistants and everyone working around these areas will be affected if damage is not properly reported or not spotted in the first place.

How do you notice and report problems on pallet racking?

By choosing Rack Inspection Training we can provide your staff with all the knowledge and understanding that they need to become a PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety) in your workplace. These individuals will then have the ability to notice when racking is damaged by applying what they have learned through our rack inspection course.

What is taught on our rack inspection training courses?

Our team have been curating professional training courses across the UK that will teach your staff to understand SEMA’s damage guidelines. We will teach your staff how to assess for this damage and report it through weekly inspections.

Why are our rack inspection courses important for your warehouse?

The traffic light system used by SEMA is important for your warehouse and will help to ensure that you stay ahead of the guidelines set out by statutory law. These safety guidelines explain that weekly inspections must be performed by a ‘competent person’ and this is exactly what your staff will be following the completion of our rack inspection course.  

To find out more about our courses, get in contact with us today.


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