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Trusted Onsite Rack Inspection Training In The UK

Why should your staff learn how to properly inspect your racking sections?

Our team at Rack Inspection Training are often queried and asked about the reasons for training staff about pallet racking, even if they are not appointed as a regular PRRS (person responsible for racking safety). Proactive to the changes that can happen in an instant, anyone who joins our onsite racking inspection training will be able to understand how damage can impact not only on the safety of themselves, but on their colleagues.

By choosing Rack Inspection Training you will have a team capable of providing up-to-date recommendations per SEMA’s traffic light guidelines. A green can turn into an amber or red risk after one incident, so it is vital to stay agile to these changes, especially in a fast-moving warehouse setting your business works within. 

Appointing someone to perform your weekly inspections

The main reason businesses invest in our onsite rack inspection training is to appoint a PRRS to inspect and record the damage they have noticed throughout your premises. It is important that you have a reliable and professional individual to take care of this area of work, and our courses will give them the best foundation to add a required layer of protection to your workplace.  

Weekly inspections of your racking sections will complement safe operations across your whole business. To find out more about our rack inspection training, get in contact with us today.


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