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Warehouse Racking Inspections

If you’re after SEMA approved warehouse racking inspections, then our team at Racking Inspections are in the best position to give advice. Racking can be an important part of any warehouse-based business, so it’s integral that you get the best impartial inspectors around.

We have no affiliation with any suppliers or companies that deal with pallet racking or storage. All we suggest to your company is that you use SEMA accredited suppliers; ensuring that you aren’t left with faulty racking that could potentially damage your products.

Our racking inspectors will check the racks for faults and structural defects. They also grade damage using a SEMA damage code (which is done via a traffic light system) and this will highlight and prioritise the action that needs to be taken.

If your racks are given the ‘Red risk’ damage code, it means that your racks are well beyond the allowable limit and require immediate offloading. This approach to our inspections ensures that your staff are safe when using the racks or merely walking past.

You can request a quote for our warehouse racking inspections or ring us on 0560 370 5666 to find out more about our inspection services.

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