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SEMA Racking Inspectors

Working in a warehouse inevitably means that danger is around every corner. Simply walking through to grab something can be a hazard with forklifts and moving vehicles roaming all day long. However, with proper practice in place you can keep your warehouse safe. At Racking Inspection Training, we can provide your staff with rack training courses by our SEMA racking inspectors.

We provide courses to staff across the country. SEMA inspectors are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as ‘competent persons’ to inspect your storage racks. SEMA racking inspectors can supply your staff with the required information to perform weekly inspections on the racking in your workplace.

This will mean that each week, one of your trained staff will take up responsibility to check that your racking is both safe, secure and loaded correctly. Failure to perform these inspections each week or to a poor standard may lead to sanctions by the HSE and can lead to people being hurt or products being damaged.

As an independent company, we have no financial gain through selling racking equipment. We provide unbiased training and criticism for your pallet racking, to refrain your company from shelling out on expensive mistakes. To get a quote for our racking training courses, visit our website.

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