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Rack Inspection Courses UK

Spotting mistakes in your warehouse racking can be the difference between damaging a whole pallet of goods and harming your staff or not. Ensuring that your staff can be alert to the dangers and the signs of racking misuse is bound by Health and Safety requirements. At Rack Inspection Training, we are a leading company for rack inspections courses in the UK.

A statutory requirement of any workplace that uses racking is that it undergoes weekly inspections by a ‘competent person’. This means that each week, your racks must be inspected for damage in relation to the SEMA damage guidelines. Our training courses will showcase some of the worst offenders of racking and the dangers of this.

As a totally independent company, we are not bound by any affiliates to sell or repair racking, we are dedicated to rack inspections and courses. Our courses can take place in your own warehouse to ensure that all your staff fully understand their roles and the importance of being a PRRS (Person Responsible for Rack Safety).

Our courses cover everything from correct pallet loading and unloading, recognition of defects, pallet types and suitability. Our team have years of experience providing up-to-date courses all over the UK.

To book a course with our team today or to find out why you need a competent person to check your racking, get in touch with us.

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