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National Rack Inspection Courses

Do you need to train your team to inspect racking effectively? If so, get in touch with Rack Inspection Training. At Rack Inspection Training, we travel across the UK and Northern Ireland to provide training, and we can also inspect racks for you. We are here to keep you and your team safe and avoid hefty penalties. The fact that courses are run on your premises makes it easier for your staff to apply the information to their normal environment. Our courses are designed to help you identify and prioritise damage whilst heightening your safety standards. You can drop us a line at any point if you do have any queries about what we can do for you. Call 0560 370 5666 to find out more.

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All our courses are delivered by highly-experienced, SEMA-approved rack inspectors and designed with Health & Safety advisors, senior managers, fork lift truck drivers, directors, frontline staff and middle managers in mind. Our website features a number of useful resources and information about inspection guidelines. You can also find us on social media networks including Twitter and YouTube. Why not get a quote for inspection or training today?

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