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Discover Onsite Rack Inspection Training In The UK

Changes in your company will, on the most part, be for the better. New staff, new products, new stock and new racking sections can help to develop your company and ensure the smooth function of your premises on a daily basis. At Rack Inspection Training we provide your staff with the education, information and experience to provide weekly rack inspections for your warehouse or storage facility that will keep your staff safe and your company insured.  

As a statutory requirement, it is vitally important that you have trained PRRS (Persons responsible for racking safety) who you can call upon once a week to perform a professional racking inspection. To become a PRRS, however, your staff will need an onsite rack inspection training that will teach them everything they need to know.

What is included in our onsite rack inspection training?

By choosing Rack Inspection Training, you will be put in contact with a team of SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs) who have gathered a wide range of experiences by inspecting racking across the UK and have developed an understanding of the SEMA damage guidelines.

Our team will relay the importance of the weekly inspections to your site, teach you how to check for faults and provide you with an understanding of how to report these elements each time. If you would like to get more information about our onsite rack inspection training, get in contact with us.


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