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Book One Of Our Rack Inspection Courses

Safety is the combination of expertise and awareness. Putting these two elements into practice requires training and experience. Once each member of your team is armed with this, they can all help to create a safe environment for everyone working in your premises.

At Rack Inspection Training we are tasked with hosting rack inspection training courses in the UK suitable for your workplace. Our team have the ability to provide up-to-date and professional courses which will outline everything your staff need to inspect, highlight and report on any damage to your racking.

Inspecting for damage on your racking sections

By the end of our rack inspection course at Rack Inspection Training your staff will be more aware of their surroundings and understand what their role is to maintain the safety of your warehouse or storage area.

Our training courses are supported by SEMA’s damage guidelines which help to categorise the damage found on pallet racking sections.

Why trust Rack Inspection Training?

We have a team of SARIs (SEMA approved racking inspectors) who are capable of teaching your staff everything they need to know to perform required weekly inspections. From how to report damage, what to do when damage is found and what a red risk notice is through to warehousing procedures and best practice, our training is ideal.

Discover more about our rack inspection courses at Rack Inspection Training by getting a quote for your premises today.  


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