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Are your staff properly trained to conduct your internal racking inspections?

Our bespoke Pallet Rack Inspection Training Course enables you to comply with Health & Safety legislation by coaching your staff to conduct internal warehouse racking inspections.  These are one day courses run at your premises by our SEMA approved inspectors.


The requirements for inspections are set out in HSG 76 (the HSE Guide to Warehousing & Storage) which state it is the legal responsibility of the employer to conduct regular internal inspections.  Our onsite course trains your staff to meet this requirement by learning to identify damage according to the SEMA damage codes and then determine what action to take.

What is Included in the Course?

The course starts with an overview of the racking systems and its correct operation. Participants learn about the importance of rack safety, including load limits and the consequences of overloading.


It then deals with the identification of damage, how to assess and prioritise the damage, and what actions to take to make the areas safe in accordance with the SEMA regulations.  


The course also has several modules dealing with good warehousing practice aimed at preventing damage occurring in the first place. Trainees are taught to identify the root causes, and then looking at the various ways in which the warehouse can be made safer and racking safety can be improved.

The course emphasizes safety protocols and inspection procedures, teaching participants how to conduct systematic rack assessments, record findings, and prioritize repairs or replacements. Proper documentation is a critical aspect of the training to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Who should attend a rack awareness course?

  • Fork truck drivers

    • They are the ones that bend the racking and are most at risk if it fails!

  • Middle managers & Health & Safety advisors

    • They are responsible for ensuring its correct use and maintenance or picking up the pieces!

  • Senior managers & directors

    • ​They sign off the cheques and would be liable in the event of an accident so need to know why it is vitally important to fully support and fund the process.

A comprehensive rack awareness course is needed for a wide range of individuals within the warehouse environment. Specialty equipment operators such as forklift drivers are at the forefront of rack utilisation, making them particularly vulnerable if racking fails. Competent persons must understand the importance of safe handling and recognise the signs of potential hazards.

Importance of SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

SEMA racking inspectors are vital for ensuring warehouse safety and compliance. Their expertise guarantees meticulous assessment of racking systems, preventing accidents and upholding industry standards. Their approval signifies rigorous training, proficiency in safety regulations, and a commitment to maintaining secure and efficient storage infrastructures.

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