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Why You Should Call Upon Our Sema Racking Inspectors

SEMA guidelines and best practices are an important marker for how to run your warehouse and any place in which pallet racking is used. Our team of SEMA racking inspectors at Racking Inspection Training can help train your staff for weekly inspections.

Under PUWER regulations, it’s a requirement that your pallet racking is checked each week for issues and problems that may affect future work. Not being alert to the impact of bad racking can lead to injuries, stacks of legal paperwork and affect your insurance.

Choosing a team such as ours, with SEMA racking inspectors, you will be able to appoint ‘competent’ staff (who will become your PRRS – Person Responsible for Rack Safety) to document and review your racking on a weekly basis. Our training courses will teach the basics of SEMA guidelines all the way through to general warehouse practices.

To ensure that our training courses are both effective and detailed, we will perform them on your premises. This initially makes your staff comfortable and allows them to get used to the required level of detail that SEMA damage guidelines need.

We believe that it makes the application of future weekly inspections easier, when you’ve already performed a mock inspection around your own workplace.

To find out more about our courses and why your warehouse requires it, get in touch with us today.

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