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What’s Included In Our Racking Inspection Training

To the untrained eye, your racking will seem stable, effective and safe. All the products are immobile, they’re not wobbling, and the racking is upright, correct? Wrong. Those assumptions can be the difference between pallet racking that causes casualties and pallet racking which can be a huge benefit to your operations.

At Rack Inspection Training we’ve become an important learning aid for companies and their staff who need to perform weekly inspections as per statutory requirements. Our racking inspection training courses are run across the UK by our team of professional SARIs.

What’s included in our racking inspection training?

To create a safe environment in your warehouse or pallet racking storage area, you’ll want assurances that your team are professional and confident. Included in our courses will be the necessary tools to appoint someone as a designated ‘PRRS’ (Person responsible for racking safety):

  • How to recognise different types of pallet racking and its suitability for each job

  • What the correct method is for loading and unloading racking

  • Understand what damage can impact on the safety of your warehouse

  • What to do to make dangerous locations safer

Our racking inspection training courses will give your staff the confidence to report on the changes and dangers to your premises. This will create a safer environment for everyone under your command.

To find out more about our racking inspection training, get in contact with us.

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