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Trust In Our Warehouse Racking Inspection Training

Warehouses are designed to optimise space and to have the ability to store everything that your company needs to. The nature of warehouses is that each set of racking inside will have a weight bearing limit and it must be constructed and set up in the right way. At Rack Inspection Training we have seen many examples of racking that have become dangerous or unsafe for users without them understanding why.

We provide warehouse racking inspection training across the UK to build the level of understanding and knowledge for your premises. Whether you have a large warehouse with many different racking configurations or you just have smaller sets of racking, it will fall under the same legal rules – you must have your warehouse racking inspected by a designed PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety).

How can our team at Rack Inspection Training help with this?

Our racking awareness training is designed to give your PRRS the confidence to:

  • Inspect your racking once a week for faults and damage

  • Report all damage by using the SEMA damage guidelines

  • Know what to do when something is wrong to keep your premises safe

We provide all our warehouse racking inspection training at your warehouse to ensure that your staff have experience in dealing with their own apparatus. To book one of our warehouse racking inspection training courses, speak with our team today.

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