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Trust In Our SEMA Racking Inspectors

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) are a leading body in the storage industry and have become a stamp of authority for premises across the UK. Their traffic light system to decipher damage guidelines for racking in warehouses and other workplaces has become important. At Rack Inspection Training our team of SEMA racking inspectors are ideally placed to help bring your workplace up to standard.

If you’re yet to appoint a permanent PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety), then don’t delay – you can save money and keep your premises safe with Rack Inspection Training. Our SEMA racking inspectors will teach the appointed individuals how to professionally inspect your racking on a weekly basis. This is a statutory requirement and fines can be given to places of work that don’t follow it.

Teaching your staff to keep your premises safe and productive.

When our team of SEMA racking inspectors have completed the course with your staff, they’ll be able to confidently assess and inspect your racking for damage. This is the perfect middle ground between keeping your workplace safe and ensuring it’s always productive. Their work will consist of weekly reports noting down the damage that they can see as per SEMA’s damage guidelines.

If you’d like to discover more about Rack Inspection Training and our commitment to professional rack inspection courses, get in contact with us.

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