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SEMA Racking Inspectors

Staff at any workplace involving pallet racking or warehouse operations should be aware of the guidelines surrounding racking. Spotting problems early can be the difference between staff being hurt and products being damaged or not. At Racking Inspection Training, we can bring SEMA racking inspectors to your workplace to perform a training course for your staff.

Our SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) are highly trained to professionally teach your staff the importance and correct practices for pallet racking. Using guidelines set by SEMA, we will use your own workplace to increase familiarity with the best practices.

It is a statutory requirement that your racking is inspected weekly and damages are documented each time in a designated system. This complements the yearly annual inspection which must be performed by a ‘technically competent person’ such as a SEMA approved inspector.

Our racking courses feature modules on good warehouse practice and demonstrates the importance of correctly loading and unloading pallets. By taking your staff through this course you will be ensuring your workplace adheres to up-to-date Health and Safety guidelines. Using your premises, our one-day courses will be enlightening and concise for all your staff.

To discover more about the regulations impacting your pallet racking, find out more by getting in touch with us today.

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