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SEMA racking inspection course

Checks, tests and inspections are commonplace in every working environment across the world. Whether it’s regular asbestos tests in office blocks, health and safety examinations in retail stores or diagnosing boiler faults at leisure centres, there’s always a need for transparency and professionalism.

At Rack Inspection Training we’re on hand to help you with our professional SEMA racking inspection courses in the UK. To ensure that your warehouse’s racking is safe throughout the year, you’re expected to perform weekly racking inspections. These are performed by a designated PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) who will provide a detailed rundown of the current state of your racking.

Our SEMA racking inspection course runs to help your staff become fully-trained PRRS who can track, update and create recommendations based on their weekly reports. For a warehouse to be safe for your staff each day, it’s important that you supplement your annual inspections with weekly reports by your staff.

To make sure that you have a team of PRRS that possess the necessary skills to produce accurate and helpful reports each week, make sure you choose our team at Rack Inspection Training and our SEMA approved racking inspections courses.

Discover more about our training courses by getting in contact with us.

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