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Rack Inspection Training Courses

Staff safety is a vital ingredient to a professional and productive environment for everyone. It will start with procedures and protocols that you need through to legal regulations that must be adhered to. At Rack Inspection Training we have been helping to retain professional and safe premises across the UK with our rack inspection training courses.

The importance of our rack inspection training courses

Every workplace with pallet racking or other types of racking in use is required to have an assigned PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety). This PRRS will be responsible for weekly racking inspections in which they will need to report on damage using SEMA’s damage guidelines, whether offloading and unloading is performed correctly and more to improve the continuous safety of your staff.

Our rack inspection training in the UK is vital for businesses as racking is classed as ‘Work Equipment’ under PUWER regulations and is written within HSE’s Warehousing & Storage guide HSG76. Securing our course will ensure you stay ahead of these regulations and retain your insurance throughout the year.

How to assign a PRRS for your workplace?

We are able to offer rack inspection training courses which will take your team members and turn them into PRRSs competent to perform your weekly inspections.

To arm your staff with this knowledge and to maintain a safe environment for your team, book a training course with our team today.


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