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Rack Inspection Training Courses

Training courses on your own premises allows you to get the most for your money. Your staff will instantly understand the real-life translation of the information they’re being told. That’s why our team at Rack Inspection Training will visit your warehouse or store to perform rack inspection training courses.

We work across the United Kingdom to provide training courses so your staff understand the importance of rack inspections. We will teach your staff how to perform weekly racking inspections on your premises to check for faults and problems. This weekly inspection is required by PUWER regulations, so you have to obey or be at risk from fines or invalidating your insurance.

Our rack inspection training courses will professionally teach your staff the basics of inspections, how to use SEMA damage guidelines and what the implications of that means. We will ensure that your workplace has a PRRS (Person Responsible for Rack Safety) that is able to perform weekly inspections as per Health and Safety regulations. With this knowledge in hand, you can guarantee that your warehouse will be a safer environment for your staff.

SEMA damage guidelines are used across the United Kingdom to highlight problems, future issues and help to recognise when pallet racking needs to be replaced. To discover the importance of our rack inspection training courses and how they can help you stay in regulation, talk to us today.

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