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Rack Inspection Courses UK

Whether you’re a warehouse supervisor, forklift driver, a warehouse manager or part of the maintenance staff – it’s integral you understand how to spot faults in racking. At Racking Inspection Training, we are passionate to ensure your staff are fully trained with our rack inspection courses in the UK.


It’s a statutory requirement that your racking is given a weekly inspection and any faults are noted in a log book. This is an important part of your staff safety as well as your compliance with PUWER regulations throughout the year.

To complement your annual inspections, it’s integral that workplace has a competent person who can perform weekly inspections. Our courses are run at your warehouse to maximise the benefits and reduce the downtime.

Lasting just one day, you and your staff will learn how to inspect, the actions to take following an inspection and perform a trial inspection in your warehouse. This will ensure that your staff are completely comfortable with the inspection process, and our SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) will guarantee they understand the SEMA guidelines.

By requesting our team to visit your premises, you will learn how to keep your warehouse safe and secure each week and know how to spot problems as they happen. To find out more about our service and request a quote, contact our team today.

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