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Professional Rack Inspection Courses In The UK

In just one day you can have your premises fully secured and protected from compliance issues and help to deter safety problems. Our rack inspection courses are trusted across the UK which will appoint a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) for your warehouse or pallet racking area. At Rack Inspection Training we’re able to give your staff the confidence and attributes to accurately inspect, recognise and record the damage that occurs to your racking each week.

Our rack inspection courses are set over one day and will be performed on your premises. This is ideal for the safety of your staff, the compliance of your premises and will help to improve the performance of your warehouse in general. Ideally designed to suit warehouse managers, forklift drivers, health and safety officers and facilities managers, our courses will culminate in a trial inspection.

Keeping your warehouse safe from danger and ensuring compliance

It’s a statutory requirement for your pallet racking to have a weekly inspection performed by a ‘competent person’. It will give you a trained PRRS who can outline the damage that has occurred in that week by using the SEMA damage guidelines. You’ll then be able to stay completely compliant throughout the year and protect your staff from the dangers that poor pallet racking can create.

If you’d like to find out more about our rack inspection courses at Rack Inspection Training, speak to our team about our availability.

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