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Onsite Rack Inspection Training For Your Staff

Training in any environment provides your staff with different skills and experience to perform their role; helping to improve the standard of practice throughout your workplace. At Rack Inspection Training we are leading independent training company who can help raise your performance and awareness each day.

Our onsite rack inspection training can be a great way of improving your short-term ability to inspect and understand faults in your workplace’s racking, but also understand how that relates to other premises. Our professional onsite rack inspection training courses are set up to give you and your staff the confidence to become a designated rack inspector for weekly inspections.

The need for a PRRS to perform weekly racking inspections

A PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) must be allocated to perform weekly inspections on the pallet racking sections in your workplace. It pays to have more than one ready to step in to inspect and record the findings should a problem arise, however.

It is a statutory requirement that, in addition to an annual inspection from a ‘technically competent person’ it should be accompanied by weekly inspections from a ‘competent person’. Our work at Rack Inspection Training is tailored to ensuring your staff become assigned ‘competent persons’ ready to keep your premises safe from dangerous and faulty racking.

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