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One-Day Rack Inspection Training Courses By SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARI)

Everyone that works on your premises is liable for the safety of it. The way they operate, the safety training that they apply and their concentration. This is especially true in a warehouse. At Rack Inspection Training, we provide professionally administered rack inspection training courses that can fully train your staff.

Ideal for warehouse managers, forklift operators, maintenance staff and facilities managers, our training courses are important for two reasons:

1. To guarantee that your staff understand the importance of your racking and the implications of not abiding by regulations.

2. It’s a legal requirement for your premises to have a ‘competent’ person to perform weekly inspections.

After your staff have completed the one-day classroom-based course, they will be able to identify the SEMA damage guidelines, prioritise danger and know what action to take if something is unsafe to make it right.

We also prefer to perform the rack inspection course on your premises. We believe this gives your staff the best opportunity to understand the implications of the training in a real-world environment. They will be able to ask specific questions that our SARI can answer confidently.

To find out more about our courses and how they can teach your staff to become ‘competent’ inspectors of your racking, get in contact with us today.

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