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National Storage Racking Inspection Training

Every warehouse in the UK has to have its storage racks checked each week as well as having an annual inspection. The weekly checks must be completed to ensure you stay within Health and Safety legislation. Not only important for your staff but you as an employer, our courses at Rack Inspection Training will teach your team to be ‘competent persons’ as defined by HSG76 & SEMA guidelines.

Our national storage racking inspection training courses are ideal for forklift drivers, Health and Safety advisors, middle managers as well as senior management. Everyone in your warehouse will benefit from proper checks being carried out each week. Your staff will learn how to identify risks and faulty pallet racking; understanding how to record it properly.

With our training, you will appoint a PRRS (Person Responsible for Rack Safety) that will ensure your workplace is inspected accurately as per SEMA guidelines. The traffic light system that SEMA use will allow you to action and stay on top of risks as they occur each week.

Our training courses are run at your premises across the UK and will ensure that your team understand the implications of performing the inspections competently each week to aid the safe running of your warehouse.

To find out how easy it is to book up our professional racking inspection team today, speak to us

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