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Invest In Our Professional Rack Inspection Training Courses

The regular checks on your forklifts, security systems, staff training, distribution lines and more all help to create a business which works safely and effectively every day. There are many cogs that combine to help ensure your business develops in the best way possible and one of these is your pallet or warehouse racking.

It is a requirement that you perform weekly rack inspections on the setup of your warehouse which will help to outline problems before they become an issue in your premises. By choosing Rack Inspection Training your staff will be able to gain expertise and experience from a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI) that is recognised by Health and Safety legislation.

How will my staff perform a weekly rack inspection after our training?

Our team at Rack Inspection Training perform rack inspection courses that will raise the level of awareness in your staff. They will be able to outline the current issues, the future risks and when there is a need for replacement racking. This is done through teaching them the SEMA damage guidelines and showing them how poor racking has led to injuries, broken products and the loss of insurance.

By choosing our rack inspection training your whole premises will feel safer during the day and stay legally compliant.

Get in contact with us at Rack Inspection Training to find out more.

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