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Five Reasons To Choose Our SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors To Train Your Workforce

Regulations and legislation is strict to keep staff, customers and products safe. Especially in warehouses, where dangerous manoeuvres are performed every single day. At Racking Inspection Training, we have SEMA approved racking inspectors that are ideal for training your staff.

Learning and understanding the correct practices to follow for warehouse racking can make a big difference. Here are five reasons to choose our team at Racking Inspection Training:

  1. Trusted by legislation: Our racking inspectors are approved by SEMA and current legislation to provide training for companies to complete weekly and yearly inspections.

  2. By law: Your warehouse must have weekly inspections to stay within the law. These weekly inspections must be reported properly by your PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety).

  3. Warehouse competency: We will train your staff at your own premises so that your elected competent person(s) can understand their role in a recognisable environment.

  4. SEMA guidelines are key: Our team of SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs) will ensure your staff understand SEMA damage guidelines and how to spot flaws and potential flaws in current racking.

  5. Quick and easy quote: Put your warehouse details, number of staff in to our quote form and we will provide you with an affordable quote as soon as possible.

To discover how easy it is to keep up with your weekly inspections and document them professionally, contact our team today.

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