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Discover Our Professional Rack Inspection Courses

If you’ve got a workplace with racking – no matter what type – you’ll need to ensure safety each day. You may know what weight can be placed on each rack, the correct procedures for loading and unloading as well as how to notice if racking has become damaged, but do your staff? After all, they’re the ones that will be operating the forklifts, walking past the racking and performing their responsibilities by them.

At Rack Inspection Training we’re trusted as a professional group of trainers that can offer you a rack inspection course fit for your staff. It’s a requirement to have your pallet racking inspected once a week by a ‘competent person’ and a rack inspection course from a team like ours will ensure your staff are at the right level.

Our professional rack inspection courses will give your staff the tools and techniques to expertly inspect and record your racking. This will be done by teaching them how to recognise damage by using the SEMA traffic light damage guidelines and informing them on what needs to be reported each week. When you’ve got this in tow you’ll be able to plan replacement racking better and keep your staff safer every day.

Discover more about our rack inspection courses at Rack Inspection Training by discussing your options with us further.

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