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Choose Our SEMA Racking Inspectors To Train Your Staff

Site managers in any warehouse have a duty, a statutory duty, to ensure that the racking in their premises is up to standard. To ensure that you’re constantly monitoring and checking your racking each week you need to appoint a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) that understands the SEMA damage guidelines.

At Rack inspection Training we have a team of professional SEMA racking inspectors that can give you the best possible chance of retaining safety throughout your whole warehouse. It’s a requirement by law that your racking is inspected by a ‘competent person’ annually but with our SEMA racking inspectors you’ll be able to comply with your statutory requirements for weekly inspections, too.

By calling upon our team of SEMA racking inspectors at Rack Inspection Training you’ll be able to appoint someone that can inspect and accurately report on your racking. By the end of our rack awareness training courses on your premises, your team will be able to identify when racking is dangerous, needs replacing, and when items need to be removed. This can then be recorded for future reference by your PRRS.

To find out more about our team of SEMA racking inspectors who can help you, speak to us today.

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